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Don’t underestimate the power of voice over to grow your business. Let’s face it: growing and scaling a business is tough. You need to put in considerable effort. You need to try out a variety of different marketing methodologies to see even the slightest of positive results.

If you ever Google and try to find out effective ways to go about this task, you’ll be met with a host of solutions, such as:

  • Use social media
  • Interact with your customers
  • Run targeted marketing campaigns
  • Use a CRM, and more.

However, another solid way to effectively grow and scale your business is by using voice overs.

The power of voice over: man with microphone
Photo by Sandra Tenschert on Unsplash

It takes a bit of an effort to get started using voice overs, but it isn’t tricky at all. A voice over is usually used in commercials, theater, and radio productions. However, businesses are now using them to create explainer videos, product demos, marketing videos, and more. Let’s dive deeper into voice over recordings and learn how you can utilize the power of voice over to grow your business.

1. Explainer videos

Customers often don’t know how your product works. This is especially common with complicated products, like SaaS subscriptions. When they are not able to find a good resource, they quickly ditch your business website and look for solutions in other places. To avoid this, you must prepare product explainer videos using a clear and engaging voice over so that your customers can easily understand the subject matter.

2. IVR and other customer support

Customer support is can get complicated. As your business grows, you might not have enough support agents to attend to all support calls. This can leave angry and frustrated customers even more agitated. Use a voice actor to record voice overs that serve as welcoming messages or common support answers. You can also use a voice over for IVRs and redirect your customer to the best-suited support agent.

3. Podcasts

The power of voice over: two women podcasting
Photo by Kate Oseen on Unsplash

Podcasts are a great way to engage targeted audiences, boost their chances of staying connected with your brand, and establishing yourself as a thought leader in the industry. Use voice overs to create podcasts that talk about something related to your brand and deliver ‘content of high value.’ At the end of these podcasts, redirect your listeners to a webpage on your company or a content piece. This pushes them further towards the sale.

4. Social media videos

Your social media accounts require fun and engaging videos that can keep a customer interested in you for long. Using a voice over to create high-quality videos or animated sequences is a great way to go about this. People find these videos fun to watch, and they keep coming back for more content to watch. This boosts your company’s engagement, and subtly pushes the customers towards making a purchase.

5. Audio blogs

You might publish the best articles on your company website, but not all people are interested in reading them. There are many who are also not able to read them due to reading disabilities. Audio blogs are an excellent way to engage such customers and not lose out on their business. The Best voice overs for artist services can easily use the right pitch, tempo, and accent to convert the blogs into audio blogs.

6. Training videos

An important part of growing your business is to train your employees well. Just providing them with reading material is neither enough nor engaging. Use voice overs to prepare training videos that can be watched by your employees at any time of the day. These videos are also a great option to help new employees during onboarding.

7. Sonic branding

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “I’m Lovin’ It,” you know you are about to see a McDonald’s ad. Sonic branding is a marketing methodology where you use a professional voice actor to create a phrase that is recognized as your brand’s identifying sound by customers. It can be a single word or a short phrase. These sounds can also be used in ad campaigns and marketing videos.

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